Think Outside the Box!!

Posted on 4th Feb, 2012

Outside the box pdf

We made news on the Irish Examiner again.

Sean Murray of Sean Murray
Menswear in Skibbereen is one of
the more inventive retailers in the
clothing industry. In the past year,
he has organised a mini-theatrical
set with “live” mannequins in the
shop window to advertise dress hire
for the debs’ night out.
And in what is surely a world’s
first, he has also organised a bra
tug-o-war with Action Breast Cancer
to coincide with the breast cancer
awareness campaign. Ladies from
all over the country sent in their unused
bras which were then tied into
an enormous rope before all and
sundry tugged and warred for the
charity event.

Check out the bottom right hand side of the ” Outside the Box” pdf  for the rest of the article!!